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Yakezie Carnival March 2019 (updated)

Check out what other PF bloggers are up to. I decided to include all submissions so there are a lot of options.

Jhonel @ Negosyong Pinoy writes What is a good business in the Philippines? – With the hardships of life today, who does not think of ways to increase their family income? Many are asking what are the most popular businesses at home, or are they just a small business? You know, there are answers to questions related to entrepreneurship. So just because of so many scams and fraudsters today, you have to be careful about how you earn money!

Eva Baker @ TeensGotCents writes $1,000 Challenge – Eva and Work Expenses – Mom is still trying to cut $500 from our monthly budget.

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes The Ultimate Guide To Retiring Early – Do you want to quit the rat race and retire early? This post walks you through the steps of retiring early.

Dominique Brown @ YourFinancesSimplified writes Rader Question: Convertible Bonds – If you have questions about your finances, you are not alone. In fact, here at Your Finances Simplified we often receive financial questions from our readers. Larry, for example, has a question about convertible bonds. I was reading this magazine and came across this thing called convertible bonds.

PPlan @ Provident Plan writes Cash Now vs Slow Annuities: Why the former is better? – If you have been injured in an accident or you have won a worker’s compensation claim or you have won a settlement for the wrongful death…

IMB @ Investing Money writes The Financial “Butterfly Effect.” – The “Butterfly Effect” is a theory that postulates that a small change in the initial condition of a system causes a chain effect that can change the outcome of an event. The example often used is that a butterfly flapping its wings in South America can affect the trajectory of a hurricane headed for Texas.

Crystal @ Married (with Debt) writes Personal Finance is a Middle Class Escape Plan – I don’t know what more to say than this – saving money for retirement is boring. I am losing my mind from it. But personal finance is an escape plan.

Hank @ Money Q&A writes How To Get Rewards Wen Spending With Your Business Credit Card – Business credit cards have developed a whole line of innovative programs, offering multiple ways to earn valuable rewards. Credit card companies often use rewards and bonuses to attract clients.

Luke @ Learn Bonds writes Three Solid Income Stocks For 2014 – Here are three tasty dividend-paying stocks that can boost your income without taking on too much risk.

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Growing Another Side Hustle – Pet Sitting! – I’ve started to feel stagnant in the last few months. Usually that means that I need to tackle something new (as you’ll see below).

Mr. Frenzy @ Frenzied Finances writes Elder Advice: 5 Finance Lessons from Grandpa that Still Make Sense – Although the national debt continues to grow, more people are learning to gain a new perspective on their money and acquire old fashioned finance habits.

Tony @ We Only Do This Once writes The 10 Commandments for Credit Card Holders – Anything in life that’s worth taking seriously comes with a strict set of rules, and there are very few things in life that we must take as seriously as credit cards!

Jacob @ AllPersonalFinance writes Extra Cash: Five Ways to Get Paid Without Leaving Home– In today’s economy, many people find they could use a little extra cash. Whether you need more money to meet your basic expenses, or you’d just like some additional spending money, there are many ways to accomplish this without getting another job. Here are some ideas to help you start thinking creatively.

Roger the Amateur Financier @ The Amateur Financier writes How Should You Handle Receiving a Sizable Lump Sum of Money – A guide to how to handle lump sums of money, such as lottery winnings or tax refunds, putting them towards debt payments, emergency funds, and investing.

Mike @ Personal Finance Journey writes The 5 Signs you Need a New Real Estate Agent – In order to win at Real Estate your best resource can be your Agent. But do you know the The 5 Signs you might Need a New Real Estate Agent?

Maria @ The Money Principle writes Fail proof business models – Thinking of starting a business of a side hustle? Here are three fail proof business models you will find useful.

Debt Guru @ Debt Free Blog writes Early Retirement: Is It Right For You? – Deciding to retire early is not a decision to be made on a whim. There are many factors that play into early retirement. Is early retirement right for you?

Wayne @ Young Family Finance writes Reuse, Not Refuse: Five Items to Repurpose to Save Money – Why throw out day-old bread or rancid olive oil when you can change them into something useful? Here are five things to repurpose rather than throw out.

Brent @ PersonalFinance-Tips writes Saving Money: Ways To Bring Your Water Bill Down – The water bill can take up a large portion of your household budget. There are several ways to bring your water bill down so that you can save money. The following tips are simple, yet they can make a big difference on the monthly bill. Showering Switch to a new showerhead. Many older models can use up to 5.5 gallons per minute.

Harry Campbell @ Your PF Pro writes Are Credit Card Bonuses Taxable? – Now that my favorite time of the year(tax time!) is right around the corner, I’m starting to get a lot of 1099′s in the mail. I have many sources of income which usually means a lot of 1099′s showing up on my door step. It’s more work for me but it’s usually a good thing since it also means I made a lot of money last year. When I started going after credit card sign up bonuses a few years ago I wasn’t really sure how sign-up bonuses would be taxed. But now that I’ve been doing

Harry Campbell @ The Four Hour Work Day writes Why I Don’t Work Over Time(Usually) – Even though I’ve worked in the corporate world for close to 5 years now, I don’t think I’ll ever understand how ‘overtime’ is supposed to work. Most engineers are actually pretty lucky, a majority of companies pay their engineers for overtime. But apparently the rest of the workforce isn’t like that, since I have lots of friends who get paid the same amount whether they burn the midnight oil or ‘only’ work 8 hours a day.

Chuck @ Tortoise Banker writes Guide to Getting Rid of Car Payments Forever – What if instead taking out a loan ever time you need to buy a car, we put into action a proven plan used by millions of successful Americans to avoid car payments all together?

Emily @ Evolving Personal Finance writes Mini-Vacation Financials: Wedding in Los Angeles – A financial recap of our recent trip to Los Angeles for a wedding.

Jen @ Master the Art of Saving writes 10 Ways to Save More Money (Even If You Don’t Want To Be A Couponer) – Couponing for the last 5 or 6 years has taught me many things. Things I never really paid attention to before I started using coupons. Since not everyone is interested in learning about coupons or even extreme couponing, I thought I would share some of my enlightenment with you all.

PFC @ PF Carny writes Does Couponing Really Save Money? – Depending on how you do it and how into it you get, it can be either bad or good. Does couponing really save you money? It can, but it can also cost you money at the same time.

Sustainable PF @ Sustainable Personal Finance writes Do You Put Your Ideals Ahead of Your Pocketbook? – There are times when adhering to your ideals is cost-efficient. Not everything is like that, however. There are times when your ideals can cost you money.

Alexa @ Single Moms Income writes 5 Money Making Ideas for Stay at Home Moms – Being a stay at home mom has a lot of rewards for a mother, but most women think this means sacrificing an income or even a career. This is simply not true.

Larry @ KrantCents writes Start an Online Business Today; Feel Accomplished Tomorrow – How can success be measured? Are you successful once you earn a certain amount, attain a fancy title, or put down a deposit on a four-bedroom house?

Monica @ Monica On Money writes 7 Better Ways To Spend Your Tax Refund – If you are getting a tax refund this year, it is time to make a plan on what to do with the extra money. Otherwise, without a plan, who knows where all that money will end up.

Aaron @ Aaron Hung writes How to pay for College? Why not use a Roth IRA – If you are hoping that your children will go to college Sunday, you have more than likely thought about the best way to put money aside to pay for it.

Justin @ Edward Antrobus writes Considering ETFs? Here’s How to Get a Good Deal – ETFs can be purchased practically anywhere you can buy a stock, either through a broker, or a brokerage account.

Marissa @ Thirty Six Months writes Peace of mind is the most important financial asset – Whether you are struggling to make ends meet or you are comfortably off and looking to invest, you cannot underestimate the value of having peace of mind.

Marissa @ Finance Triggers writes Are You Financially Ready To Have A Baby? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself – Having a baby, and starting a family can be an exciting time in your life. However, bringing a little one into this world can be challenging, both emotionally and especially financially.

Sam @ The New Business Blog writes Basics about the new Home Office Deduction for 2014 – There is a new, simpler home office deduction this year that could very well save you a lot of time but, in most cases, it will not save you as much as money as the long form that everyone despises.

Bob @ Dwindling Debt writes Protect your Tax Refund from Identity Thieves – What could be worse than having to file your taxes this year? How about having an identity thief steal your tax return check?

Lily @ Paying Debt Down writes A Few Reasons that Investors like ETFs – In recent years, ETFs have become much more popular and are actually gaining against some other, more mature mutual funds. The reasons for that gain in popularity are explained below.

Andrea @ So Over This writes Getting the Most Out of Your Children at Tax Time! – When it comes to school, grades and sports, all parents hope that their children will be a credit to their name. At tax time however, this can literally be the case.

Hadley @ Epic Finances writes Would investors be better off purchasing Bond ETFs right now rather than Stocks? – Many investors across the country are moving their money and investments from stocks over to bonds. The question that many investors are asking right now is simply this; should I be doing the same?

Lenny @ Best Money Saving Blog writes What to Consider Before You Buy a Home – The American dream of home ownership simply will not go away. You would think that there never was a credit crisis even though it was not that long ago that we were bombarded on a daily basis with stories about underwater mortgages, foreclosures and crashing prices.

Amy @ Money Mishaps writes Have a childhood savings bond? Here’s what you can do it – Although it was not always a welcome gift, many children got savings bonds for birthdays and other holidays. The goal behind them, in most cases, was to have something ready when it was time to pay for college.

Jack @ Money Saving Ethics writes Moving? Make sure you protect yourself, not just your furniture – Did you know that moving is consistently ranked as one of the top 5 biggest stressful events in a person’s adult life? It is true, but while moving is definitely bad enough, being scammed by your moving company is probably a bit worse.

Matt @ Budget Snob writes Over 40? Never too Late to Save for Retirement – From a retirement planning perspective, the decade between your 40th and 50th birthday is a time when, if you have not started saving for retirement, you definitely should.

Danielle @ Saving Without a Budget writes 50 Tips to Improve Your Financial Health in 2014 – Part Six – We finish off the serious with 5 more tips. Enjoy!

Oscar @ Money is the Root writes Debt Consolidation Plan of Attack! – Dealing with debt is no laughing matter, nor is it an easy one! There is discipline to getting out of debt that is much more difficult to master than the art of getting into debt in the first place.

Daniel @ Make Money Make Cents writes 5 Excellent Home Investments for 500 Bucks or Less– If you are wondering what to do with your tax refund this year, we have 5 home investment ideas for you that cost less than $500 but will give you a very good return on your money.

Christopher @ This That and The MBA writes How to Start a Home Business – Learning how to start a home business may be a good option for you if you want to work from home. It may not be easy to find the right home business opportunity so you need to do a lot of research before you know how to start.

Jacob @ Cash Cow Couple writes Betterment Investing – Betterment offers an excellent investment management service that is based on modern finance theory

Jon Haver @ Pay My Student Loans writes Financial Aid for Minority Students – Going to college is not easy. For many young adults, it is their initiation into the real world, and it can be a difficult transition. Compared to grade-school, the classes can be more difficult, with more challenging material to cover in less time, and with teachers who are less interested in helping you keep up.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Want to Know Why You Can’t Save? – Here’s where we get into a nebulous area of what’s “comfortable” and in turn see how quickly lifestyle inflation takes hold of our finances.

Bryan @ Gajizmo writes Ways To Make Money From Home – The internet has revolutionized the way stay-at-home parents can become entrepreneurs. Ten years ago, making money online via blogging was difficult and almost unheard of. Now, anyone can leverage their tech savviness to earn a living. Learn legitimate and easy ways to make money from home.

Mr.CBB @ canadian budget binder writes Do you need financial motivation? – Financial motivation doesn’t normally just jump into your head when you wake up in the morning. Motivation for many typically happens because something is either wrong or you want to make changes to your life.

GenY @ Gen Y Finances writes Reducing Your College Costs – College is expensive. I don’t know many people who would say otherwise. According to BigFuture, the average annual tuition cost for an in-state student at a public four year college is $8,655. For out-of-state students, that figure jumps to $21,706.

Harry Campbell @ Your PF Pro writes Diversify Everything – “Whenever I hear someone get really excited about their latest investment, I tend to think the worst. It’s not that I don’t want that person to succeed but I usually worry they’re making a big mistake. Any time I see a friend buy a house, I wonder if they spent more than they can afford. Any time I see a friend buy a new car, I hope for their sake that they paid cash and aren’t going to have an egregious car payment every month on a rapidly depreciating asset. ”

Mr. 4HWD @ The Four Hour Work Day writes Save Your Passions for Later on in Life – I don’t think that saying even existed 40 years ago since most of our parents by no means followed their passion. But it is a saying that I hear thrown around a lot these days. Everyone seems to think you can follow your passion and be successful. Well unless your passion happens to coincide with a viable business opportunity, you’re probably not going to be that successful(by most measures of success).

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