Reading List

I love to read and I think it is essential to continue to learn throughout ones life. Many of these books will not have anything to do with personal finance and I think that that is important, because personal finance in only one small aspect of life.

I wanted to create this reading list to  share with you my thumbs up and my thumbs down to save you time. I also hope that the reflections of the books that I read may help you in and of themselves or inspire you to find out for yourself. Lastly, by creating this I am forced to reflect myself on what I learned from the book vs just putting it down and grabbing the next book.

If you are looking where you can find these books, I’d first recommend that you check out your library. Next, check out Lastly, you can check out

Important Books

Start With Why, Simon Sinek: 2 thumbs up. In life and in business, stop focusing on the what or how, but start with why. That is when life will really matter. To find your purpose, check out the TED video that inspired me to read the book. Buy the book here to help me out.

Good to Great, Jim Collins: I really enjoyed this book. I created a stop doing list as a result of reading it.

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