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I thought I’d use this page to share with you some recommendations of products and services that I DO use and buy. I’m not just recommending junk for junks sake. There are places to go to and ways to buy things that will help you save a dime or two. I’m not into this couponing thing too much, though it can be fun, but if there is an easy way to save money on things you are going to buy, you should do it. The best advice to save money is to just not spend it. The less things you buy, the simpler your life is.

Some of the products and services that I promote here will pay me commission for online referrals, but I am only referring you to companies that I use and would actually recommend myself. It is a way that this blog is supported. So I would like to thank you in advance for letting me refer you to these great products and services and thereby, helping out this blog.


Kiva: Kiva gives you the chance to make a loan to people in over 70 countries so they can start businesses, go to school, and change their lives. With Kiva, you can support a borrower of your choice. Just go to, find a story that speaks to you, and do a little bit of good.


I intend to slowly add products and services I like over time as I use them

Personal Finance & Budgeting Software

Mint: The best budgeting tool out their and this isn’t just my opinion. I reviewed Mint and made a video on how it works.

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