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Buying My First Stocks

I just bought my first stock as part of my investing plan. I had put money into a retirement account a few years back and really all I did was play with the money. It was not the wisest thing, but I have learned since then. I’m glad I had the opportunity to learn with a lower amount of money. I bought stocks that I heard good things about and I did do research on them, but I’ve learned that investing in indexes is a much smarter route to take. I did get a slight return on my money, but the whole stock market got a better return.

So the first stock that I bought as part of my investing plan was DGS. It is an index of a bunch of small cap stocks in emerging markets that have generally good financials. You can see my reasoning for picking this stock here. I chose it over the other stocks simply because it is on a general downturn while the others are on an upturn. I will go into those details at some point. Now that I am in this stock, this monthly update will be expanded. It will always start off with my goals that are listed below. And then it will go into tracking my debt goal once I combine finances with my fiance. Then I will have a section looking at some savings goals. Next will be my goal to be able to live off income from assets which is my investing portfolio. And lastly I will look at my budget and where I have been spending money.


  • Be Debt Free Besides the House-I’ll start keeping a running tally of this once I combine my finances with my fiance. 
  • Home
    • Save up for a 33% down payment
    • Pay off the house in under 7 years
    • Creatively make the house energy efficient
  • Be able to “live” off of income from assets by age 35
    • This means having $250,000 invested + no debt including the house
  • 2 thank you cards from the reader 3 months in a row
  • Try living on a gift economy for a year

Investment Update

It is a really small sample size so far on how the investment is going so it really means nothing. 10 year horizons for investments are the most important. That doesn’t mean it isn’t exciting to be doing well.

I am not diversified across markets right now which is a problem, but I didn’t want to waste money on transactions fees buying small amounts of all the different etfs and DGS looked a lot better right now than the others because it is on a down dip. As we move forward though I can promise you that these holding amounts will even out.

You have to start somewhere.

Spending Update

So this past month was a hard hitter on me, especially on auto & transport. I had to pay for the following

  • Insurance – $260
  • Licence Plate Renewal – $75
  • New Key – $40

Even if I didn’t have those expenses I would still be over partly because of a carryover from pasts months and partly because I took a trip down to Florida with friends. I love this system though because of the carryover. I can’t just forget about spending too much money one month. The next months now, I’m going to have to be extra focused on riding my bike.

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My Philosophy Behind Investing as Learned from Benjamin Grahan

This post will mainly be quotes (in italics) from Benjamin Graham’s book, “The Intelligent Investor.” I hope they do a great job portraying to you my overall investment philosophy.

Basics of my Investing Philosophy

1. If you speculate you will (most probably) lose your money in the end

2. Buy when most people (including experts) are pessimistic, and sell when they are actively optimistic.

3. Investigate, then invest.

The investor and stock-market fluctuations

Buying stocks means buying a worthy business and the markets ups and downs are people’s speculative emotions and do not reflect the value of owning a business.

Buying and selling stocks as if you are buying or selling a business based on current numbers and values instead of future speculations is a much better strategy.

Since I plan to be the typical investor, I shall will always be buying into the market except when prices are over a standard that I shall set.

Investing takes much more fortitude than intelligence.

As I said above.

Why my investing philosophy causes me to invest in indexes

Benjamin Graham changed his idea that cheap securities could be found as he grew older. He believed that with all the information out there in today’s more modern economy, the market price reflects the actual price of the company. This is known as the efficient market hypothesis.

I somewhat agree with the efficient market hypothesis.  I still believe that people’s tendency to speculate about the future causes the market to swing in different directions. As a result, I will always in the future have a higher percentage of my invested money in stocks when people are negatively speculating and a lower percentage of my invested money in stocks when people are positively speculating.

As a result of this philosophy, there is no point in trying to pick the winners and losers of stocks.

Closing Thoughts

This means that I should be happy with average market results, though I do have a couple strategies that should allow me to slightly out earn the general market.

Do you have any investing philosophies that shape the investment choices that you choose?

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